Vaidya Shankar

Hatred Immunity Deficiency Syndrome (HIDS) is probably the most serious pandemic in our world today, potentially deadlier than even AIDS. The disease may be ‘active’ or in remission, but it is extremely difficult to cleanse oneself of this affliction completely. Once infected, all the immunity mechanisms built in the human mind over the years can be rendered useless. Learning, education, value system, etc., are all laid to waste by this malady. The ceaseless churning of the infected mind and the burning of the heart weakens the noble human spirit and demonises it. HIDS has claimed more lives than any other calamity known to man. Though man has been battling with reasonable success all kinds of adversities including diseases and natural calamities, he has not even begun the battle with this deadliest of all afflictions, which can exterminate mankind, nay, all life on this planet. Hatred can spread very fast indeed. Thanks to modern communication systems, an incident miles away can provoke hatred reactions and genocide within hours, if not minutes at several other localities. And even after it subsides, it leaves behind so much hatred, bitterness and such terrible scarring. It is imperative for the educated people from all faiths, regions and communities to wake up, or be prepared to face the catastrophe. Expansive thinking, unity of purpose, integrated and harmonious co-existence are to be propagated instead of divisive theories. The nobility of non-violence and the sacredness of mutual respect have to be drilled again into the vulnerable human minds.

The sacrifices of Abraham Lincoln, Gandhiji, Mother Teresa and Father Damien, and the teachings of Lord Krishna, Jesus Christ, the Buddha and Prophet Muhammad have to be indoctrinated again to resurrect the nobility in man.