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The Tennis Foundation (TF), the U.K's foremost tennis charity, looks to developing the game of tennis and it includes school, community and disability tennis. What drives it is the belief that tennis should be accessible to everyone — “one game all.”

Increasing access

It does this by making what it calls as “organised and affordable tennis accessible to people of all ages and abilities the year round. Its priorities include working across local authority tennis facilities — in schools and parks in England, Scotland and Wales —and at all levels of disability tennis.” Working in partnership with it are the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA), and local authorities. The TF also performs what it calls “increasing access to tennis in education.”

Here, the TF and the LTA support teachers with training and equipment to help them deliver tennis in schools. This programme began in 2009 and thousands of schools have received free equipment, training and resources. This includes more than 2,50,000 free racquets for primary schools. There is also the “University Tennis Co-ordinator programme.” The aim is to develop tennis for students to play, compete and receive the latest training packages as volunteers or coaches.

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