Winning over the world

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AWARD-WINNING A robot built by Chennai students won laurels on an international platform. BALJEET SINGH, a team member, tells us how…

Chennai college students made the country proud this year by participating in one of the most prestigious international robotics competition “AUTCUP 2010”, held recently at Amir Kabir University in Tehran. This event saw participation of over 1500 teams in 17 categories of robotic application ranging from underwater uses to automotive and industrial to robotic applications in the domestic environment. Students from Bharath University bagged the bronze and silver awards for their robotic representations under the guidance of Roboin Founder, Jaishankar.

All teams presented a white paper on the proposed project with all the technical specifications included. Based on this report, the teams were shortlisted and accepted for participation, wherein they would have to build a working model of the proposed project. The final prototype was evaluated on the technical, functional and control aspects by a panel of judges who would then shortlist the winners.

The trio from Bharath University participated in two leagues — the underwater robot and @Home robot. We bagged Silver honors at the “@ Home” Category and bronze honours at “Underwater Category”.

Underwater explorer

The robot we built for the under water league is a ROV robot based on roll cage-type model. It has the ability to go under water up to 100m and do surveillance while surveying areas which are beyond the reach of humans. The video feeds collected are constantly transmitted to a remote display unit.

In the competition our robot had to compete in seven rounds each testing the robot on its capability and its endurance. The robot consisting of an on-board camera with which it could easily evade obstacles. Thus the robot can be used in places where there is no line of sight.

The brilliance of the design was its simplicity and it being a low cost model. The effectiveness of this model was that it could be easily modified to meet one's requirements. This robot could be fitted with many other sensors such as gas sensors which could detect gas leaks. The team consisted of eight members: Aravind Padmanaban, Anirudh M. Iyer, Aparna Thomas, Baljeet Singh, T. Deepan Ignatious, P.Dayanandha Chakravarthy, S. Venugopal, R. Raghavendra Panth of whom five went to Iran under the guidance of Prof. Senthil Kumar, Department of E&I.

Secure home

The robot built for the other league consisted of a household spider robot. This was based on a hexapod model consisting of six legs and 18 servo motors which gives the robot maximum motility. The robot consisted of inbuilt infrared sensors and cameras that could detect objects as well as obstacles that were encountered on its way.

Its best feature lies in the fact that our hexapod had no wheels which enabled it to have motility across even stairs which the other wheel based models couldn't achieve. This robot could be used for household security as it could detect any unauthorised objects. It can be placed and operated on any terrain.

Bharath University plans to build a Robotics lab in its campus with the assistance of Jaishankar, who promises that this lab will have advanced technology. There are many projects in the pipeline; the next stage will be to build Humanoid Robot in the near future involving the students. The challenge is to build a robot, which is fastest among its kind.

Baljeet Singh is a Final year Mechanical Engineering student at Bharath University and a participant at the AUTCUP 2010.

It has the ability to go underwater up to 100m and do surveillance while surveying areas which are beyond the reach of humans.