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ADVENTURE Despite clichés and cinematic moments, the book keeps you hooked till the end. AISHWARYA RAJENDRAN

If a book is named Adrenaline, then it had better be fast-paced. Jeff Abbott's latest thriller certainly doesn't disappoint. The tempo ratchets up as the story advances and the short chapters add to the easy flow. The narrative is taut and edgy, with breakneck pacing and perfect plotting.

Living on the edge

Sam Capra is a young American in London, living the life of his dreams with a perfect job, a perfect flat and a perfect wife. His wife Lucy is seven months pregnant with their first child. He is a Parkour-loving, CIA operative who specialises in working undercover and infiltrating international crime rings across the borders. But as is the way with all thrillers; this perfect life is brought thrashing down when Lucy calls him one day, warning him to leave his office moments before an explosion rips through it. Consequently, she disappears, leaving Sam to be indicted of treachery by his CIA employees.

Is his wife a traitor or was she framed like him? What happened to his child? Relying on his wits and training, Sam escapes from the U.S. to Europe. Capra reminds us of Jason Bourne who can outsmart and outfight anyone. However, it's also brash, exciting and a little humorous.

Ultimately Adrenaline, despite a couple of minor loopholes, is an unputdownable read, fast paced and with plenty of exciting action. This book is first in the series of Sam Capra novels and I'm already waiting eagerly for its sequel.

Aishwarya Rajendran is a III B.E Computer Science student at R.M.D Engineering College.

Title: Adrenaline Author: Jeff Abbott Publisher: Hachette India Price: Rs.295