Album: The Metaphorical Apocalypse

It is a continuation of the story that started with Cypher16 first EP, “The Man of The Black Abyss”. If you can get hold of the lyrics you can read into the story a bit more.

The EP starts with a 1.35 min intro A Crack of Thunder, Flash of Light, which begins with some electronic note to create an aura accompanied with a nice drum groove and powerful guitar riffs that transforms into a very progressive groovy song Stones . I Am Scientist starts with the Cypher16 signature notation.

Next track is the title song of the EP The Metaphorical Apocalypse a speedy display of Cypher16's emotion about struggling life. It kicks you with the progressive groovy drumming and guitar works. The last track is Lonely Road , a lyrically impressive song that talks about the consequences of the lonely road where many people are being met and forgotten but some impressions change the life in the lonely road. This EP is a real treat for the Alternative metal/ rock lovers.

For free download of the EP visit their facebook page .