Ramped up sequel

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CRYSIS 2 This EA Game's action-packed adventure is graphically stunning and intelligent to boot!

The original Crysis (2007) was little known, which is a shame. It was a brilliant game mostly because of the graphical fireworks, the enemy AI and the nanosuited gameplay. Despite receiving positive reviews and numerous awards it had few takers because of the graphic requirements.

Even better

Crytek has made a gem of a sequel: Crysis 2. It is not one of those point-and-shoot “Call of Duty” clones. Crysis 2 blurs the line between a brilliant FPS and a single person RPG, requiring you to think about your tactics before getting into a fire fight.

You play this Force Recon Green Beret called Alcatraz who, on the verge of death, is assimilated into a nanosuit in the midst of a battlefield called New York. The story involves complex concepts like transhumanism and cybernetics to go with the sci-fi setting in 2023, but nothing a casual gamer can't understand.

The gameplay has improved immensely. Like the first game, the player's abilities are augmented by the Nanosuit 2, a tactical military armour that can provide three modes, a battlefield awareness system and an AI to process data. You can switch between armour, strength, and cloak modes in real time.

This game features the most advanced AI in video gaming history. The enemies, CELL soldiers and the walking alien cephaloids from the first Crysis, can adapt resources and tactics like nothing you've ever seen. The weapons are both unconventional (Nuclear grenade launchers, Gauss rifles, Particle Beams) and practical (Assault rifles, shotguns, pistol) and are customisable (sights, scopes, silencers).

Technically sound

C2 moves to concrete jungles. The detail is awesome with a devastated New York City full of abandoned yellow cabs, crumbling buildings and the head of the Statue of Liberty in Central Park.

Crysis has achieved this level of detail in all three platforms. The PC version's graphics are the best and it has lower system requirements than the first game (What?! how?). Like modern shooters, there is a bundled multi-player mode which again departs from the run-of-the-mill multiplayer using the nanosuit's modes and customisation.

Downsides include rare enemies staring at walls as you stand near them and running into each other and bugs during multiplayer matches.

Crysis 2 was developed using Cryengine 3, the most advanced graphics engine yet.

Buy? Of course!

Price: Rs. 999


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