We don't know whether we are your targets or being used as channels to disseminate your message.

If we are targets, we don't know why we are targeted as we have never committed any serious wrong to anyone to be butchered in streets. If we are used as channels, we don't even know what message is disseminated through our casualties.

Shattered peace

A tranquil locale where innocent people had gathered turned to a grubby slaughter house with your spoor. It was horror to see people lose their limbs and tussling with pain.

A few badly struck were deformed and could not be identified by their own relatives. They were fragmented and thrown all around.

Roadside gutters brimmed with blood. Howling of bereaved broke our hearts.

What reason could there be to justify such brutal thrashes? Shouldn't we take these incidents as reasons? But, we could never act as awkward as you. We haven't opted for violence to fight against someone.

While lighting up candles for the deceased, we also mourn for your departed consciences. We commiserate with your numbed brains which are unable to realise real values of life.

K. CHANDRA MOHAN, II Year, B.Sc Psychology, University of Madras