Purplenote will launch Simple Superstar by Wilbur Sargunaraj at a live concert at Sathyam Cinemas on March 15. .

Wilbur's music is appealing and revolves around one main objective: to make the common man feel extraordinary. This is evident in his music as well as his videos and most of all, in Wilbur himself.

Born in a small town in Tamil Nadu, Wilbur grew from humble beginnings. From a very young age, he had an urge to entertain people. He quit his job in India and headed to Canada to carve out a name for himself in the world of entertainment. Since then he has spent time in Cuba, LA and New York studying different types of music and exploring his multiple talents.

Now, Wilbur is bringing his unique combination of dance, drumming and musical humour to fans around the globe.  His self titled and self released debut album “Wilbur Sargunaraj” continues to rake in impressive reviews while the super hits “Love Marriage” and “Cricket” have people across the globe asking for more.  Wilbur's video for “Love Marriage” received over seven lakh hits on YouTube.