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    B.Tech Biotech final year
    SRM university.
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BIG SCREEN Movie: Black Swan Cast: Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis, Vincent Cassel

“Stunningly fascinating and refreshingly original” this is how I want to describe the Natalie Portman starrer “Black swan”. It is a spectacular piece of cinema which captures your mind and soul completely.


Black Swan, a psychological thriller is set in a dramatic world of ballet where stardom is transitory. Nina Sayers (Natalie Portman), a young ballerina aspires to become the Swan Queen in the company's new production “Swan Lake”. She does convinces the director(Vincent Cassel) to give her the coveted role because of her perfection in playing the elegant White Swan but she lacks the passion and zeal to portray her sensual evil twin, the black swan. Throughout the film Nina struggles to get into the Black Swan's character but couldn't do the same. She is asked to observe the new ballerina Lily (Mila Kunis), as her personality suits the Black Swan fairly well.

During the course Nina gets suspicious that Lily wants to steal her role which results in various psychological problems which zaps her confidence completely. The story goes through crazy angles depicting many events which are mere figments of Nina's imagination. She gets haunted by her own self and suffers hallucinations. It is then she discovers her dark side. The climax shows Nina's transformation from the fragile and innocent White Swan to the dark and sinful Black Swan. The movie puts up a question in front of us at the end whether stardom is a psychotic obsession?


Natalie Portman as a tortured ballet dancer offers a true Oscar winning performance. Mila Kunis too mesmerises us with her free spirited act. Vincent Cassel does justice to his role as an ambitious director.

BOTTOM LINE-Unpredictable to the core, highly entertaining and puzzling .Not very often do we get to see such an enthralling film!!

APARNA NAIR, B.Tech Biotech final year, SRM university.