FASHIONOMIX For all the men who have been rating women, today is judgment day! We begin with the ectomorphs. SATKRIT R.

Over time a man's body has been divided into many different genres. The Indian system goes back to the divisional system of “Vata, Pitta and Kapha”. But this is just a superficial division of a science that goes a whole lot deeper.

Today's fashion (and fitness) experts classify men's body types into three broad categories. This week, we look at the first one: the Ectomorph.

Ectomorphic man is typically lean, skinny and a fragile framed. Another noticeable characteristic is that the head seems quite large. This is more relative as the frame is quite small so the head would seem larger.

Celebrity ectomorphs: Ishant Sharma/Robert Pattison

Core essential

A well-tailored, well-fitted shirt : Pay attention to the collar size. Small short collars are the deal this season and watch out for the fit; the clingier the fit the more metro sexual the look will turn out to be. A dart on the back will be ideal for a better fit. Try to avoid vertical stripes or checks as it will give an illusion of being slimmer than you are.

Kurta : Respect comes naturally when you're in desi attire. Ectos are better off in short kurtis

Bottoms: Ectomorphs , wearing street wear denims that are about 4” bigger than your natural waist line and publicising to the whole world your underwear brand g is really not “in” any longer. Instead try the slim fits for men. It will make your upper torso seem larger and in addition also give you a very metrosexual look. Try avoiding voluminous formal trousers as it will make you look very baggy. Long shorts and knee length fitted shorts are a very good idea if paired with the right shoes.

Photos: V. Ganesan; S.S. Kumar