EAT OUT With great food, good service and lovely ambience, dining at Kryptos is a wonderful experience. POOJA RAIKWAR

Greek cuisine shares characteristics with other Mediterranean ones like Italy, the Balkans, Turkey and the Levant.

The main ingredients of Greek cuisine are basic and few: olive oil, honey, yoghurt, fresh fruits and vegetables, lamb and fish. The manner in which the delicacies are prepared is delightfully unconventional and exotic to the senses.

Kryptos is the Greek venture by the duo Vipin and Willi hidden away on the ever-bustling Khader Nawaz Khan Road.

Getting started

What caught our attention as we walked in for lunch was the long stone table providing seating for 20! “The most important thing to know about Greek culture is that eating out and sharing is as important as the food itself,” said Vipin (M.D) answering the first query that we shot at him.

Though this concept is not relished by many, the table holds the centre spot, encouraging strangers to share common space. There are also cosy corner tables for more private conversations.

Dim lights, unobtrusive music and collage of sequence carvings of stone and wooden walls adds on to the ambience as well. They also have an open kitchen where one is always welcome to view the offerings and customise it according to one's preference.

Speaking of the food, you'll have to make more than one visit to do justice to the exhaustive menu that pays close attention to the plate as well as the palate.

The runaway favourite on the non-veg platter for us was Arnipitakia (baked rolls of phyllo pastry filled with minced lamb and feta) and the Kotopoulopitakia (chicken mince with apricot and feta wrapped in phyllo pastry).

The ruling dish on the veg platter was the Tiropitakia (phyllo pastries filled with mixed savoury cheeses), Eliotes (Cypriot kalamata black olive tapenade in pastry rolls with oregano) and so was Kalitsounia (baked pastries filled with ricotta, pumpkin and greens topped with sesame seeds).

We then headed straight to the main course: the Spanáki kai Tyrí Kotópoulo (chicken breast with spinach and cheese in red pepper marinade) and the Kotópoulo (chicken cubes rubbed with sumac, oregano, lemon, garlic and paprika) were wholesome with just the right amount of dressing .

Bursting with cheese and flavour, the Melitzanes Papoutsakia me Tiri (baked aubergines with mozzarella, potato, zucchini and béchamel) is a must-try and so is the Piperies Gemistes (braised red and yellow sweet peppers with tomato, pine nut, mint and basmati rice), which is delicately spiced to perfection.

Delicious desserts

The effervescent waiters were immediately by our side helping us choose the desserts. The delightful Svingi (melting chocolate filled hot Greek batter puffs with chocolate or vanilla gelato) and a sinful helping of the Baklava (a very traditional pastry of layered phyllo with walnut, pistachio and almond) is a sweet indulgence.

For health freaks there is a chilled mezze buffet consisting of soups, salads and deserts.

Cost for two: Rs. 1500 - 2000

Pooja is a II Year Civil Engineering student at Easwari Engineering College.

Photos: R. Ragu