Emotional rollercoaster

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Rekha Waheed's book though filmy, gives us a glimpse into the lives of Asians in the U.K. ARCHANA BALASUBRAMANIAN

Rekha Waheed, the Britain-based Asian writer, through her protagonist Yasmin Yusuf, narrates a tale of success and love mixed with the right amounts of sentiment in a lucid style with lots of emotions and twists in her novel Saris and the City.

Though the title hardly lives up to the tale tale and the first half of the story inspires you to drop the book, the latter part proves to be worth your patience.


Yasmin Yusuf, an equity analyst working in London, suffers an emotional breakdown atfer her boyfriend cheats on her . An emotionally-battered Yasmin is supported by her family of dad, brothers and her close buddies Mia, Bibi and Gemma.  

Meanwhile her earlier crush on her boss Zachary Khan turns into a dream-come-true love affair. There is also this usual scene of meeting your ‘ex'. Yasmin meets her ‘ex' but is shocked to find something more which hurts her deeply.

Amidst all these twists, Yasmin is forced to change to a new team in personal equity and is faced with having to save a lingerie firm against the odds of all the top heads of her organisation. She is engrossed in her work which is new and challenges her to prove her mettle. She actually works to get herself out of her breakdown. Will all these stop Yasmin from getting to Zachary Khan?

The novel gives you the answer. However, certain sentimental twists do not fit into the scheme of things well and stand out like making Hannah the mother of Zachary Khan in the middle of nowhere, bringing in racism with the story and so on.

Though Rekha Waheed has given an impetus to women in this novel, she has tried to fit in too many things into one story line that makes it more of a filmy style script rather than a story narrated to a rational audience.

Archana is a Design Engineer with AREVA T&D India Ltd.

Title: Saris and the City Author: Rekha Waheed Publisher: Hachette India Price: Rs. 250