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BAND ACT The metal band from the U.K. gets candid about its music and plans, ahead of its performance in the city on Saturday. NICKY

Here is Cypher16 from United Kingdom, whose music is defined by a unique blend of Trash, Classic metal, Industrial and a bit of Electronica. And this blend is displayed surprisingly wonderful in their new EP “The Metaphorical Apocalypse”. Front man Jack Doolan opens up in a freewheeling chat with NXg .

How did the band start? What was the common point among you guys?  

The band's beginning was really back when I was 15 or so. I was still at school but formed the blueprint of what would later become Cypher16 and started experimenting with how to write songs and music. The band really didn't begin until around 2008. I guess the common point among the three of us at least was that we studied at the same music college in London, which is where we met, and consequently started playing together. Chris came on board first, with Carl coming next in time for the band's first tour to India in 2009. Stu joined shortly after that!

Why do you call yourself Cypher16?

Ha ha! That's a long story. If you can catch me at a show and ask, I'll tell you. A dictionary, a teenager and Myspace are all involved!

Tell us about recording inside Battersea Power Station?

When we recorded Lonely Road it became clear that it was the most epic sounding track that we had written so far, and that shooting a video in a “normal” location simply wasn't going to cut it. I don't live too far away from Battersea Power Station in London and had always been fascinated by it, so the idea was put to me one day that I should at least get in touch with them to see if there was any possibility of being able to shoot inside. We never thought that they would actually let us do it, but a year of negotiations and work later inside we were!

According to you which is the biggest Metal band from the U.K.?

Well the biggest, current metal band would be Iron Maiden! They aren't too heavy and they aren't too soft, and have clean vocals, which don't alienate those who might not be so into heavy music!

Your view on the Indian Rock scene…

Over the last few years I've come to know the India metal scene quite well and there are some great bands operating right now. Obviously, Demonic Resurrection and Bhayanak Maut are doing great things for the scene and inspiring a lot of younger bands to come through. The Indian metal scene is slowly becoming more well-known. I think that although it's difficult to do, some of the bigger bands really need to work hard on taking their music abroad for the word really to spread!

Your future plans?

We do India and then we're back in the UK for some shows, which will most likely take us up to the end of the year. After that we have a writing period coming up and then we'll back in the studio to record the follow-up to “The Metaphorical Apocalypse”.

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