Beyond Reach

Sangeeta G
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Blue Blood

Buy? Only if you are a hardcore Indian Rock music junkie.

“Beyond Reach” is Blue Blood's debut album consisting of 12 tracks. Blue Blood is a melodic rock band from Mumbai with Cyrus Gorimar on Drums, Dean Lazarus on Guitars, Joshua Rodrigues on Bass, and Roald D'Costa on Vocals. The album's first track ‘Not for Me' starts with a rapturous guitar-drum bit. The song whirls downhill after that. A similar drift can be noticed in the tracks ‘Broken', ‘ Paradise Lost', ‘Walk away', ‘The end', ‘In your pants' and ‘Unhappiness'.

The tracks ‘Brother' and ‘Get High' have found the perfect balance between lyrics and enthralling guitar music to take the listener to a higher realm. ‘Respect' and ‘When it does' are my favourites starting with mesmerising guitar solo, enthralling vocals and progressing slowly to songs that define melodic rock music. The last track of the album ‘ Paradise' reminds one of classic rock tracks.

The term ‘blue blood' symbolises high-bred, highborn or nobility. The album has amazing lyrics, guitar solos and drum beats at the perfect notches yet it fails to leave the listener enchanted at the end of it. But, I would still recommend everyone interested in Indian rock music to give it a shot.

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