BIG SCREEN Movie: Engeyum Eppodhum Cast: Jai, Sharvanand, Anjali, Ananya

Whenever we read or hear about a accident, we are jolted by momentary shock and sorrow. But, ultimately, we move on. In “Engeyum Eppodhum”, director Saravanan tries to show the unbearable pain suffered by the kith and kin of accident victims.

The film will surely make people to look beyond the crashed vehicle and shattered glass when they witness an accident.


The film begins with a massive head-on collision between two buses on a National Highway near Villupuram. The flashback introduces the two lead pairs. Amudha (Ananya) comes to Chennai from Tiruchi to attend an interview.

As her cousin could not pick her up, a stranger, Gautham (Sharvanand), helps her attend the interview. Amudha goes back to Tiruchi soon after. Slowly, love blossoms between Amudha and Gautham and they decide to go in search of each other.

On the other hand, Kathiresan (Jai) falls for Manimegalai (Anjali) in Tiruchi. Kathiresan and Manimegalai board a bus to go to Chennai to meet Kathiresan's parents. Then, a striking climax follows, which changes the life of many people forever.


Ananya, as an innocent and suspicious girl, is brilliant in her role. Sharvanand has given a stylish performance and is quite apt for the role. Jai, as a soft spoken guy, has essayed his role effortlessly and Anjali, as a dominating girl, has given her best. She steals the show in the climax.

The highlight is the fresh and appealing screenplay. The love scenes between the lead pairs are soulful. The movie has no dull moment and keeps you engrossed throughout. The realistic portrayal of the characters is a major plus.

Music director Sathya's background score brings the desired mood and Govindha Govindha and Maasama linger in your mind. Velraj's cinematography is slick.

Debutant director Saravanan has delivered a commendable film, which is not only entertaining but also has a much needed social message.

Bottomline: “Engeyum Eppodhum” is a novel attempt by the director and the compelling screenplay with a strong message to everyone makes it a must watch movie.

SAI SHYAM G., 21 years,

Engineering Graduate