Launch This online comic also offers you a contest

Graphic India, a new digital platform from Liquid Comics, has released a new comedy-thriller series on Facebook to mark the celebration of Holi.

The comic can be viewed for free on Facebook starting March 08. The web series centres on Rohan, who hates the festival of Holi. He hates the noise, the colours, and the festivities. But when a Holi reveller breaks down his door and tries to eat his brains, Rohan realises that this is no ordinary festival.

To read the comic log on to India, where readers can read it for free daily over the next month and share the pages with friends. Readers can also participate in a contest. For this they have to post pictures of themselves on Graphic India Facebook wall page, covered in colours and have to look “as inhuman and zombie-like as they can”. The winner will win a stack of 50 assorted comic books and will also get to be featured on Graphic India Comics website as the reigning Zombie King or Zombie Queen, say the organisers.