Yoga for fitness and health

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Learning yoga
Learning yoga

Geeta Iyer's ‘Illuminating Lives With Yoga' is a ready reckoner that'll put you on the road to fitness

Did you know there are some yogic asanas that can be done immediately after a meal? So much so if you feel you have overeaten, doing these asanas can speed up digestion and flush out the extra food? That the mind and the body are closely connected and that the bridge between the two is the breath? That coming out of postures the right way is very important? That stretching one's hands above one's head stimulates many organs and awakens the system? That pranayama or yogic breathing done with a crepe bandage over the eyes helps quieten the mind further?

These were only a few of the many facts about yoga that came to light at the release of the self- published book “Illuminating lives with Yoga” by Geeta Iyer. The author, a yoga practitioner based in Chennai, with 18 years of experience practising and teaching yoga , has come up with a ready reference manual that both the trained and the uninitiated can use. Richly illustrated and peppered with notes and pointers on how to do each asana, with numerous tips relating to diet and lifestyle, the book is a great buy. Only the author's profile and the photographer's credits are missing.

The book was released recently. Dr. Priya Selvaraj said, “Yoga has a scientific basis, works on different muscle groups (compression of muscles and redistribution of blood supply infuses the body with energy ) and increases lung capacity.” It had given her a lot of relief from asthma and she was now off inhalers.

The book in her opinion was brilliantly authored and the only flaw which she threatened to make public and did ,was that it was bound to arouse feelings of jealousy and envy among the readers .

The book includes 60 asanas that are therapeutic, (“I am more concerned about the benefits of each posture and have indicated the different levels of perfection so that a student can work on improving the postures “), nine mudras ( mudras are very much a part of yoga and work on mind and body health ) and three bandhas. It also deals with yogic healing and 11 common health issues such as gastric ulcer, asthma, back pain, diabetes and hypertension, to repetitive stress injuries such as knee pain, cervical spondylosis, carpal tunnel syndrome and frozen shoulder.





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