Chennai galleries come together to celebrate ‘Graffiti' through a host of exhibitions in the city in January

The year 2009 saw the coming together of Chennai galleries to hold a festival called “The Festival of the Line”. It focussed on the inherent linear quality of the visual arts in Tamil Nadu. In January 2010, The Madras Art Initiative will again focus on the line, this time the accent will be on graffiti.

From the simple art of scratching-design-to-surface, graffiti has evolved into an urban communicative tool. It finds expression on the walls, posts and pillars of South India. The inscriptions, slogans and drawings, scratched, scribbled or painted, convey a lot of information, either social or political. But it can often be overlooked because of the aggressiveness of its form.

It's to give a boost to graffiti and bring it into the realm of art that different exhibitions will be organised in the city in January 2010. Besides exhibitions, there will be talks, film screenings, workshops and art crossovers with other disciplines.

A voluntary, self-propelled initiative, the Madras Art Initiative is to create an awareness about the artistic content of the city and will be an annual event taking place in the entire month of January each year.

The participating galleries are Apparao Galleries, Gallery Sumukha, Prakrit Arts, Forum Art Gallery, Palazzo Art Gallery, Ashvita Art Gallery, Stella Maris College, DakshinaChitra, Art World, The Faraway Tree, Madras Terrace House and Gallery Sri Parvati.

For details call 98409 90419 or 98847 91958 or 99410 12385 or e-mail