The couple menace: Have you ever been stuck in the middle of a love sick couple who play act to Bollywood (or Kollywood) tunes and do everything cheesy except, perhaps, running around trees? Here's what you can do. You can find yourself a better half and show them who's cheesier than the cheesiest (lots of cheese; slurp!) pair. Or, you could report abuse on their holding-hands-or-locked-in-embrace Facebook profile pictures. That ought to show them!

Friends and their fights: While it's great to have a lot of friends around you, it does tend to get on anyone's nerves if you have two (or more) of them constantly bickering because they can never agree with each other. You do the usual; try to sort it out, reason with them and maybe meet them separately. When all fails, join them. Argue louder and spew more violence until they both get together and turn against you. Problem solved. Well, almost.

Sibling rivalry: Do you have siblings who are constantly jealous of you? Have you found your personal items missing only to find it strewn about in your brother / sister's room? While it's awkward to confront your sibling, what you can do to protect your stuff is use a little reverse psychology. Offer all your best stuff to your siblings and make it clear they are welcome to sharing your clothes, accessories and footwear. In simple terms, be nice. Very nice. In a matter of 10 days, they'll get bored, and never take your stuff again.

Work ethics: So your colleague loves to sip coffee from your mug, use your water bottle, spoon, paperclip, scissors and everything else that is within reach. The next time you see him eyeing your table, keep week-old pizza slices between sheets, transfer water from your table-top aquarium (which you haven't cleaned in a couple of months) to your coffee mug, and blots of chewed gum stuck to everything else that's yours. .

Movie maniacs: The art of watching a movie involves being er.. involved in it, but for the occasional sound of munching popcorn. Loud seniors, a gang of giggly girls and a highly-excited group of toddlers who insist on dancing on the steps, crying at funny scenes and pledging lifelong friendships with an equally loud kid in the next row, can get annoying. To tackle this, you could sneak past seniors taking care to upset their popcorn, step on the girls' toes, and start a fight between toddler friends, or even better, their parents.