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Ramoji Academy of Film and Television (RAFT) is conducting a screenwriting workshop by eminent screenwriter, director, professor and author Amnon Buchbinder from February 24-26, 2013, in Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad.

RAFT offers postgraduate courses in directing film and television and screenplay writing, cinematography, television production, editing for film and television and sound design. Students graduate making short digital films and a diploma film on 35mm. RAFT also conducts international workshops every year and Amnon Buchbinder’s ‘The Heart of Screenwriting’ is one such scheduled for February 2013.

Amnon Buchbinder is an Associate Professor of Screenwriting in the Department of Film at York University. He holds a BFA and MFA in Film from the California Institute of the Arts. Current projects include the completion of the seven-year film trilogy Travelling Medicine Show , the expanded documentary The Biology of Story and a related book, Story and its Double . His website is at

Topics to be covered in the workshop include:

-Why craft matters; story vs. formula.

-Screenwriting concepts as a unity.

-The meaning of structure.

-What is a scene?

-The scene as microcosm.

-The scene as building block.

-The scene as time.

-The six dynamics of the fully developed scene.

-The relationship between scene and sequence.









-Script format /style.

Registration Charges : Rs. 5,000

For details Contact: 9391041903 /

Appreciating and making films

Yavanika Films is conducting the following Film workshops for adults in Hyderabad from February 23 on weekends from 11 a.m. onwards:

1. Film Appreciation Course: The course deals with exposure and analysis of various styles/genres of World Cinema. It provides a shared experience of viewing selected films (classical as well as contemporary) along with an analysis.

2. Film-making workshop: Participants will deal with developing ideas into a script / shooting script, and the concepts and grammar of filmmaking and editing (both theory and practicals). Each participant will make their own short film as part of the workshop.

The workshops are conducted by a Alind Jaitley, a professional film maker having graduated from FTII, Pune.

Contact: 9490100404




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