EXHIBITION Choose from a variety of hand-made items at the National Craft Utsav

Attractive borders, cholis, wall hangings, clutches and yolks densely embroidered with ari, banni, pako and rabari stitches catch one’s attention at the National Craft Utsav. At a nearby table Bhogendra Paswan’s Madhubani paintings captivate. In a riot of bright vegetable colours there are defining images of Radha and Krishna in an embrace, a playful Krishna dancing with gopis, trees abundant with fantasy flowers and snakes, peacocks and parrots.

For those hunting for the unusual in gifts Bhadoi dhurries with their bright geometric patterns could be the answer. Or even the mango wood chairs with a touch of burnt wood carving that gives them a feel of tribal art. From Orissa artisans bring more tribal art in the form of Saura art paintings, delicate dhokra art panels and patchwork wall hangings depicting tribals at work and play. Also on offer are exquisitely done palmyra etchings, Patachitra artefacts and more.

Sheesham wood masks from Rajasthan make compelling statements along with wood panels and embossed Tanjore paintings from Andhra Pradesh and painted wood craft items from Rajasthan. As always handlooms from various parts of India are also available.

All this and more at the National Crafts Utsav that is on at Sri Sankara Hall till February 5.