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Snap it up While Hollywood has come calling, Anup loves his country and mom’s cooking
Snap it up While Hollywood has come calling, Anup loves his country and mom’s cooking

Anup J. Kattukaran did not let his dyslexia come in the way of realising his love for photography and design

“I am dyslexic. No emails, ask me all your questions now in person or on a call”, he says simply. That this wiry 28 year old was part of the team from India that came in third in the bi-annual international web designing competition conducted by Web Design International in France in 2008, held his first photography exhibition in which got wide acclaim, runs a firm called 1st which caters to web, print and video - designing, print ads, makes corporate films, ad films, micro-sites etc among others is something that his unassuming frame won’t easily give away.

When I prod him on the dyslexia bit Anup J. Kattukaran says it has never come in the way though “it was traumatising during school days when there was a lot of reading and writing, but my mom was extremely supportive, she even used to read text books to me right through college!”, he laughs. He prefers to read his ‘limited’ emails on his cell phone. He adds, “I’ve never written an official email, never read a brief and I don’t believe anyone needs to be a reader.”

Seeing in A4

His love for “seeing everything around him in an ‘A4’ frame started during his college years in St Josephs College of Commerce when the principal asked him to take up designing hoardings, invites and collaterals for the college fest since “there were no budgets to employ a professional and I always had a camera at home and so started my innings!”

The unusual name, 1st December, ( was inspired from the date on which the first commercial movie was ever shown to the world in 1903. It was called “The Great Train Robbery” and “It was really inspirational to watch the movie, considering it had no reference and so was born my baby!” While the firm does print and web ads their mission is to “one day make a great movie that would have as much an impact as that first movie.”

His love for photography is what it is – a love and hobby. Called Anup J Kat Photography, he has done photo shoots for magazine covers like Time Out, portfolios for models and aspiring models, held his first photo exhibition with the theme of ‘Paris’ (since all the photos of that collection were shot in Paris) at F&B, St Marks Road, and donned the official wedding photographer hat umpteen times for friends and family. A certain networking site has also fondly dubbed him as ‘the wedding guy who makes every wedding seem right out of a Hollywood romantic movie’. Though he has received numerous offers from abroad to take up professional photography, he laughs “my love for my country and my mommy’s sambar is not that easy to overcome!”

Here’s to this inspiring young graphic designer, photographer, web designer and ad-man – who is happy with all the little and big things he discovers on the less trodden path.

Anup can be contacted at, and his portfolio can be viewed on

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