With a pill of courage

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In focusK. Sandhya Rani's story is an inspirational one

Sandhya Rani leads by examplePhoto: G. Krishnaswamy
Sandhya Rani leads by examplePhoto: G. Krishnaswamy

You'd expect pain, anger, hatred, and a conversation filled with sorrow and regrets. But K. Sandhya Rani doesn't display any of the emotions and instead talks with a balanced tone. She reflects on her life as she takes a step backward to recount the battles she has been fighting with a pill of courage and her family support.

“It is really ironical that I got affected with polio at the age of one and that too after taking polio drops,” says Sandhya Rani. Since that day began her journey to conquer her disability. However, when she was 13-years-old, a new shock awaited her. “I used to frequently get high fever and fall down. After many tests, I was diagnosed to have SLE, a disease which affects the joints,” she says and adds, “It affects one in two lakh. I was on the bed for seven years without any mobility.”

Doctors gave a new hope and her case was taken by them as a challenge. “From being completely immobile to even trying to stand on my own was like an achievement,” she says. And, when she did stand on her own, the physiotherapy room reverberated with thunderous applause as the whole staff and her parents couldn't hold their joy.

“When young girls of her age would become angry and depressed for even small things, she took life as it came,” chips in her father K. Durgavaraprasad Rao, a former State Bank of Hyderabad employee. His medical bills grew in leaps and bounds and the father of three daughters thanks the numerous people who have helped him in this endeavour.

Sandhyarani looked for new avenues to pursue her dreams. “I always wanted to be a teacher or librarian but I know that I can't sit for long hours or write on the black board. I thought of an avocation which will suit my condition,” she says.

She did a dubbing training course from Andhra Mahila Sabha and turned her life. She has lent her voice in serials likeRadha Madhu, Kotha Kapuram, Manchi Manasulu, Shirdi Sai Katha… among others. “I feel happy and proud that I am able to do something and lead by example. Sometimes I do feel bad that I can't do things on my own and need my parents. But when I feel low, I think of kids who do not get such medical attention or parents who have dedicated their lives to take care.”

She wants to lend her voice to a ghost or a villain character in serials. “I can never frighten people in real life. At least on screen I can scare them,” she says with a laugh. She has penned a bookSahasa Balyaniki Sandhya Vandanam depicting her life story.

Finally, at a time when there are news reports about fathers killing the girl child in the womb, it is heart-warming to meet a family which has nurtured its three daughters with only love and care.





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