Of protein-rich diet and its importance

With developments in the field of preventive medicine scaling an all-time high, sweating it out at gyms has found a place in the lives of the educated lot. But, not more than six out of 10 such persons pay much attention to ingesting sufficient amount of protein.

Especially, consuming food supplements such as protein powders are often considered health-killers!

Diet gurus Chad Nicholls and Chris Aceto of the U.S., who train world champion bodybuilders and athletes, insist upon eating five to six small meals a day, once in every 2 to 3 hours.

This helps in burning body fat and building or maintaining lean muscle tissue (depending upon the total calories consumed).

Veteran trainer K.P. Jayakumar says, “Nutritive needs of a person training hard are much higher than that of a sedentary person. My clients, from all over the country, include medical practitioners, businessmen, body builders, athletes, models and film stars. They find it impossible to consume all that protein from solid food throughout the day.”

“Food supplements coming from reputed companies are a boon to such people who want to get the nutrient without unwanted calories. Hundreds of research papers the world over have claimed that high protein diets do not affect a healthy person.”

Burning fat

According to researchers at Indiana University School of Medicine, feeding the body with whey protein before and after rigorous exercises increases protein synthesis.

This translates into building and maintaining lean muscle tissue while burning fat.

A recent study published in Muscular Development, a highly respected American magazine, says that hard training athletes need at least 1.5 grams of protein for every kilogram of their body weight.

Bodybuilders need a minimum of 2.2 grams per kilogram of their body weight.

Says Mr. Kumar, “Calculate your need based upon your daily activities. Familiarise yourself with calorific expenditure rate of different activities and do use a food nutrient chart to decide your diet plan. Use supplements wisely.”