New Delhi saw an array of outfits with the launch of Sarar Fall-Winter Collection

Seasons have always inspired the fashion fraternity in India as anywhere else. While pastel shades and hand-spun fabrics define Indian summer; black surely rules during winters. And this winter is surely worth embracing, as European fashion apparel makes its presence felt in the Indian market.Sarar 2006-07 Fall-Winter Collection, launched in India by Gopalsons Exports, was showcased in a fashion extravaganza at the Taj Palace hotel in New Delhi this past week. The show was a blend of fine quality and detailing with chic styling. Unlike the usual designer clothes, the uniqueness about this winter collection was that the designs and colours used were very subtle and elegant, making the range suitable for regular wear. From executive business suits to casual clothing, the collection was complete in itself and eye catching.


Adding spark to this show, top models like Jas Arora, Muzzamil Ibrahim, Tina Chatwal and Amarpreet Wahi were among those who set the ramp sizzling. Talking on a personal note, model Jas Arora was heard saying, "My work is my religion; I believe that my work will speak for myself." With Al Pacino and Robert De Nero as his style icon, and that vibrant smile strolling across the ramp, he quite justified what he said! Cricket crazy, model Muzzamil Ibrahim said his "Ultimate style icons are Julia Roberts and Sachin Tendulkar."He added, "I would prefer to be an actor then a model walking the ramp because it gives a chance to show different shades , which, for me, is very satisfying." . As models walked the ramp one after the other in ravishing winter wear, the night turned out to be a witnessed the verve of the city pulsating one. With all this and much more, this was surely a night packed with ecstasy and style.SANJEEV CHOUDHARY