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Are there really animals as huge as dragons, creatures longer than the total height of nine men, enormous beasts so elusive that they have never been photographed, or birds that are so fierce that they are labelled man-killing beasts?

This February, join adventurer and biologist Niall McCann, as he heads out on exciting global adventures to track down such creatures on the planet. From the killer Cassowaries of Australia, the largest wild hogs in Texas and Florida and legendary Anacondas in exotic Guyana to the hugest Asian elephants in Nepal and many more, these fantastic animals are sought out in the far corners of the earth.

A few of the episodes include Big Tigers — where Niall investigates the origins of a huge, ferocious, man-eating tiger on the loose in Nepal; Salty: The Estuary Crocodile — he pursues a killer saltwater crocodile over 20 ft long; Cassowary Bird: Feathered Velociraptor — Niall explores the dangerous bush of Queensland to locate the largest and fiercest example of a living dinosaur: the Cassowary; Mammoth Or Elephant? World's Largest Asian Elephant — Niall goes on a quest for the largest Asian elephant in the world; Feral Hogs — Niall travels through Texas and Florida to join a team of trackers on a hunt for a recently reported huge porker; and Anacondas: Heaviest Snake In The World — Niall’s research uncovers tales of legendary Anaconda over 60 ft long.

Catch all the action in Biggest And Baddest  every night at 9 till February 14.