A chance to become a detective

On the occasion of the publication of “The Paris Enigma” by Pablo Di Santis, Harper Collins Publication is organising a contest for the readers.

Interested candidates should write an application to Detective Craig for the position of an acolyte giving him a good reason to hire you and which case in the book interested you the most and why.

Contestants should mail their application to contest@harper collins-india.com.

The contest helps the reader get a first hand experience of ways in which this rapidly growing industry works.

The last date for sending your application is August 31 and the results will be out by September 5. The winner of this All-India detective contest will get training from the best detective at Indian detective agency.

“The Paris Enigma” is a huge bestseller in Spanish and is the winner of the Casa de America Prize for best novel.

It’s translated by Martha Lethem, sister of bestselling author Jonathan Letham.