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Fainting spell A spell of dizziness should be investigated thoroughly
Fainting spell A spell of dizziness should be investigated thoroughly

Ever experienced a sudden bout of dizziness and wondered what could be wrong with your body? Read on…


One can imagine the feeling of just getting off a merry-go-round, which perhaps best describes the state of a person experiencing dizziness. A proper evaluation of the cause of dizziness is imperative to treat the symptom, which is probably a sign of significant changes in metabolism.

Dizziness or a feeling of vertigo may be felt when a person has been standing still for a long time; it could be seasickness associated with nausea and vomiting or just queasiness or just daytime sleepiness too! But the usual circumstances under which such conditions can occur could be various.

* An undiagnosed high blood pressure remaining for a long time could first show up with this symptom as it is likely to damage the brain; this can be measured by a sphygmomanometer.

* Low blood pressure due to disorders of the heart, anaemia or loss of electrolytes can be diagnosed with the same.

* Dehydration is the most common cause apart from insufficient oxygenation of the tissues. Sudden fall in glucose levels as in case of insulin-dependent diabetics can trigger this issue.

* This state of fainting can also be found when the brain is affected, for instance in case of sudden surge of emotions etc.

* If the supply of blood to the brain is insufficient in case of people suffering with heart problems, it can lead to dizziness called syncope.

Since the aged have a reduced capacity for exercise, any indulgence in excess is not advisable. The circulation is affected when they get up suddenly from lying to upright position. The blood does not reach the brain quickly and can lead to dizziness. There is a progressive degeneration of blood vessels that can impede circulation. Any acute illness of the heart like increased or decreased beats due to arrhythmia or weakened, aged or diseased heart muscle is likely to trigger dizziness.

Certain medications are known to cause dizziness as a side effect. Patients suffering with depression, anxiety or panic disorders are known to suffer more.

Homoeopathic medicine can address such conditions. If dehydration is the cause with loss of fluids and electrolytes, China restores balance. If dizziness is due to low blood pressure, Gelsemium pushes up the spirits. In case of high blood pressure, Glonine helps transiently before it is treated appropriately.

When the heart muscles are affected and the rhythm is erratic, Digitalis and Strophanthus help. Impeded circulation is improved by remedies like Arnica and if there is degeneration of the lining of the blood vessels, Baryta mur can avert long-term implications. Pulsatilla and Coffea can soothe the nerves when emotions are the cause of dizziness.

Attention deficit disorder

My six-year-old child does not sit at one place and is troublesome at school. His teacher says that he can grasp things but he will not sit at one place. It was diagnosed as ADD.

Ramesh Once the psychological assessment of the child is studied, more symptoms can be taken into account and proper homoeopathic medicines can be suggested like Kali phos, Arg nit, Carcin., etc. Consult a homoeopath.

Cirrhosis of liver

I suffer from liver cirrhosis. How can it be treated?

Abc The idea is to preserve the remaining liver cells and prevent complications like fluid retention, jaundice, coagulation defects, bleeding into the stomach etc. For all this, homoeopathic medicines have a stabilising effect and if the cause is identified like alcohol, drugs or toxins or viral infection, the treatment can be more focused. Consult a homoeopath.

Cancer of the bladder

My father is 70-year-old and suffers from bladder cancer. He will be undergoing surgery this week. Is there a way to prevent recurrence after the surgery?

Bishamber Once it is localised and radiation or laser surgery is done, homoeopathic medicines like Terebenthina, Carcin, Camphor can help to prevent the condition; in fact, this is a challenge. Consult a homoeopath.


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