*The Dayanandans inform me that the Rev. William Miller was a bachelor and his wife (Miscellany, April 13) could not have run the girls’ school at Northwick. That was a sheer bit of carelessness on my part, as I had been thinking of the Rev. Anderson’s wife who had run the school from the beginning and even after his death. But looking through the records I find that even if I had stated that, I would have been wrong. Margaret Anderson died before the school moved. So who was in charge when the girls’ school took up residence in the Rev. Miller’s house, Northwick.

*Referring to places with the Clive name (Miscellany, March 2), N.A. Ameer Ali tells me there is a Clive Pond “in Poondy, near the Sathyamurthy Sagar, about 2 km from the dam.” Local legend, he tells me, has it that Robert Clive camped there with his army and had the pond dug to hold water for his troops. I wonder if anyone can flesh out that legend.

* Randor Guy recalls, from the days he dabbled in Law, an Original Side lawyer from Triplicane called D.B. Jagannatha Rao. The ‘D’ he had told Randor Guy, stood for Doveton but he “could not explain the connection”. Adds Randor Guy, “I knew him in the mid-1950s and he was already in his fifties, but is there anyone in the family who could shed more light on the Doveton connection?”

*The keyboard devil

Several readers have pointed that there must have been a devil at the keyboard when the item on Eyre Coote (Miscellany, April 27) was composed. As the text and an earlier reference (Miscellany April 6) make it clear, the ransacking of Pondicherry was in 1761 and not 1861 as stated.