`What's wrong in being fat?'

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Why do you weigh people to know their worth, asks Liji Elizabeth Thomas

Being fat is no sin. There's nothing wrong with people desiring a flawless figure, but please make space for those who don't resemble Greek sculptures or anatomy book illustrations. People find chubby babies irresistible. They pull their cheeks and plant kisses. But if you are above five, nobody finds your chubbiness adorable. Your parents, friends and relatives give you tips on how to fight flab. They will suggest a new gym somebody they know has discovered or some new exercise they are trying out. You are so embarrassed and don't know how to take the advice. If the lift blinks overload, everyone turns to the fattest in the lot, as if in accusation. I have seen some of the plump ones step out of the lift, even though they had stepped in first. I lament over the difference a few pounds of flesh can make. I find it silly when people spend their time and energy trying to figure out why another looks a little heavy. Isn't it enough to be healthy? If someone is uncomfortable with his/her body, then he/she can try to shed the extra pounds. But they should definitely not be doing it because everyone else is. It has to be a personal choice. I had tried starving myself for that perfect figure. But at the end of it, I only learnt to value good food. Enjoying good food is no sin. In the `fat' versus `thin' debate, the focus is always on the advantages of being `thin'. What about those who are fat? In schools, you are not part of any group because you are on the plumper side. At public places, people discuss the reason behind it. If you are a woman, everyone will tell you that finding a groom can be tough. I have read that in Nigeria, there is a community that considers huge women attractive. What can I say? I am born on the wrong side of the planet!As told to ASHA MENONSound Off! is a weekly space for you to rant, applaud or talk about anything on your mind. Write to telling us a little about yourself (with address and phone number), and you may get a chance to sound off!




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