Designers Chaitanya Rao and Tina Vincent on their designs for the party season

The Big Bs

Tina Vincent, the designer who made Plus Size fashionable, has come up with a “Black and Blue” line for the season. “There's a lot of cheer around. But, this being a collection particularly created for the party season, I stuck to all-time party favourite black and deep blue. Besides, for the first time, I've played with variations of silk — instead of the stretch fabric I use in my collections. There are gowns, dresses and tunics in simple cuts and subtle embellishments,” says the designer.

Season of sheer!

Designer Chaitanya Rao has come up with a line of garments that celebrates the beauty of sheer fabrics. “It's magical the way wispy fabrics work. I've done a lot of layering and detailing to add visual interest. Sexy dresses, rocker skirts, funky leggings, shirts with ruffles and pleats and tunics are part of the collection, which uses plenty to light silk-on-silk, silk-on-chiffon and georgette. Appliqué, crystal work and beading perk up the line,” says the designer.

(The collections are available at their signature stores in Shyams Garden, Khader Nawaz Khan Road, Nungambakkam)