Whatever it takes

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Got the guts! A still from ‘Life'
Got the guts! A still from ‘Life'

Watch ‘Life' on Discovery Channel

If you think you are the only one who leaves no stone unturned to garner your daily bread, you are thoroughly mistaken. No, we are not talking about the next door neighbour that you envy. We have a breed of primates that have shown amazing improvisation. In Costa Rica, clams are closed too tightly for the white-faced capuchins to open with their hands and teeth. So these intelligent monkeys have learnt to hammer them with stones to weaken the clams' muscles.

The breed is not alone as there are hundreds of species whose efforts to survive can pale most human tales of endurance. Discovery Channel is now bringing all these stories to your living room with Life.

Starting May 24, the ten-part series is narrated by Sir David Attenborough. It has captured some of the most compelling images of survival through high-definition filming techniques.

The premiere episode provides an overview and sets the stage for the series. The other nine episodes include Reptiles and Amphibians, Mammals, Fish, Birds, Insects, Hunters and Hunted, Creatures of the Deep and Plants and Primates.




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