What colour is your mood?

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Feeling blue? Wear your emotion on your sleeve
Feeling blue? Wear your emotion on your sleeve

There’s no harm in being in tune with your emotions and dress accordingly, writes P. Sujatha Varma

Yesterday you dressed up nattily flaunting that favourite lacy dress of yours that turned heads on the campus. But today it’s a different tale. The splash of bright hues in your wardrobe is no longer an attraction and you robotically reach out to a pair of washed-out jeans and a casual T-shirt. Mood swings?

Welcome to the world of ‘mood dressers’, a tribe that wears its mood on its sleeve. “Choosing the right colour basically turns an otherwise ‘yeh, that looks good’ into a jaw dropping…‘that looks amazing on you!’. But one must be in the right mood to dress up right,” says Abhishek, a medical transcriptionist. Your way of dressing also largely depends on your surroundings. “It would be difficult to feel you are a ‘natty’ (neat and tidy) dresser in a room that is ‘gnatty’ (filled with gnats),” he chuckles dropping broad hints on how he hates to be part of a badly dressed crowd.

“Ooh…that chick is totally a mood dresser. Yesterday she was wearing orange, today it is purple and she looks pretty sad,” whispers someone as you walk past a crowd, making you wonder if the accuracy of the interpretation is the result of a specialised course in mood- gauging expertise.

If you have not taken inventory of your closet lately and are living gleefully in a fashion rut, you clearly need to introduce some different colours into your wardrobe that will reflect your day-to-day moods. Unless your mother is still dressing you or you are a slave to following the latest fashion colour trends, what’s the harm in being in-tune with your emotions and dress accordingly? Do you feel pink today? Or, do you feel blue?

“That’s true. Some days I want to dress corporately and other days I want to look as casual as I can. I am known for my penchant for zany designs but one can’t be expected to look crazy all the time. I am basically a ‘jeans and T-shirt’ kind of a person,” admits Pallavika, a teenybopper.

Be it a gregarious girl blessed with the gift of gab, a metrosexual of politico-royal proportions, a dreamy hunk that makes girls swoon or a girl-next-door, everybody is a common victim of mood swings. “I just love to look like this and everything l wear is me. I’d say my dress sense is inspired by the way l feel, the mood, and l like to just look good and be comfortable in what l wear,” says Charan, a software engineer.

The warmth of summer days brings out the best in light, breezy and comfortable fashion. If you are not sure where to begin, take a look at some of the top fashion trends for the summer and find something to suit your own style.

The market is flooded with ocean hues of blue, which is especially calming, indigo or darker blues that offer more of a comfort zone feeling, almost as if you are sinking into a pool of warm water. Then there are big, bright and bold patterns announcing their arrival on the fashion scene, fun patterns of retro textiles, cute summer dresses, flowing tops and accessories to match the polka dots, stripes, floral patterns, exotic designs and other funky images. Chic evening dresses and fresh, white summer dresses await you in the stores.

Whether bright and bold colours that serve as mood brighteners or a dazzling turquoise dress, a hot pink dress meant mainly for women gifted with cool undertones in their complexion or the sunny yellow that generates vibrancy, there is no cause for whine. For a showier look, you have the choice to grab a pair of orange outfit with green, yellow, or violet in it. Let your mood rule your mind, as there is no harm in living in the moment.

Like we said, it’s just the mood, nothing else.




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