EATING OUT The refurbished Memories of China has a completely different décor and a new menu that serves authentic and exotic Chinese cuisine

Glutinous rice and lotus leaf wrap with chicken and dry shrimp. Deep fried shrimp roll. Chicken and scallop shui mai with flying fish roe.

The menu at the recently-launched Memories of China at Taj Vivanta, MG Road, serves authentic and exotic Chinese food. We are greeted with an aroma of a variety of spices and steamed food, as the genial Chef Lai Hin Tong takes us on a tour of the carefully-structured open kitchen, where guests can handpick ingredients and request for their favourite dish to be made. Chef William informs us that most of the ingredients are sourced and that his team of chefs ensure every dish is authentic and healthy. Incidentally, monosodium glutamate commonly known as ajinamoto is not used in the food.

Each dish has a distinct flavour, starting from the soups that are a swirl of vegetables, mushrooms, fish and other meats, to the main course that are a combination of spices and stir fries.

The menu is based on the “Ying and Yang Theory”, giving equal importance to vegetarian dishes as it does to non-vegetarian ones. We are first served soup and starters, which includes a wide range of dimsums.

The prawn dimsum is quite unlike the regular momos we eat, it has a thin covering. The prawn is fresh, giving the dimsum a melt-in-the-mouth taste. The steamed sweet custard bun served next takes us by surprise. As we wonder why a desert is served as a starter, one bite of the delicious bun puts all our debates to rest. The bun has a definite custard flavour, yet tastes unique.

The seafood platter includes an assortment of traditional recipes of prawns, lobsters, crabs and oysters.

The chicken in tong sauce, a signature sauce by Chef William, is exclusive to Memories of China. The sauce is a curious combination of sweet, salt and sour lavours that gives a completely different taste to the chicken.

The elaborate meal is followed by a custom-made ice cream, topped with sweetened glutinous rice. Indeed, the fare at Memories of China, like its décor, is uniquely new. For reservations call 66604444.