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TRIAL BY FIRE It's hard to go through pre-university and emerge unscathed, says Tejashri Kuber
TRIAL BY FIRE It's hard to go through pre-university and emerge unscathed, says Tejashri Kuber

II PUC is no more just a case of studying and celebrating the fruits of labour. It's, in fact, the last word in trauma, writes Tejashri Kuber

Does being in II P.U.C. just mean studying and rejoicing over results? Those days are over. It is not so simple nowadays. For you dear readers and news-listeners, the news of the postponement of the Karnataka P.U.C. results (thrice due to "technical snags" and "viruses in the system") was just another piece of news. But stop and think for one moment of the trauma and tension each student endured. The results were expected on May 15 and finally arrived on May 22. I am one of the many who appeared for the exam. The results were not satisfactory. Period. Scoring 30 in math where one expected 90 or 01 in practicals instead of 10... the list is too long. While some just ended their lives, others (including me) thought about revaluation.This is easier said than done. If you thought it is just a matter of filling a couple of forms and praying for the revised marks lists, you have another think coming. If one were to divide the whole process, it would be something like this:Mission 1: Obtain photocopy of exam papers. This could further be sub-divided into (a) Go to the respective college, collect various forms with signatures and seals at various places. (b) Go to a particular treasury office at a particular time, wait in queue/mob for a particular officer to sign and seal the forms at particular places. (c) Go to State Bank of Mysore situated at the other end of the city for a chalan. (Mind, only that bank, only that branch). So the queue is longer than Hanuman's famous tail. (d) Go to the P.U. Board (very, very conveniently situated in the third corner of our large city).This saga continues with CET and COMED-K results. What with the mounting pressure of the doctor-or-engineer rule, our lives have been tormented for two years with exams, college, endless tuitions and more exams. (If you remember, COMED-K first gave us all mild heart attacks with the publication of wrong answers!) Second P.U.C, which is cunningly disguised as another year at school, is actually an elaborate and traumatic drama. Do you have anything to say? About the state of the world, the city, your angst? Pen it stylishly and you might get it published. Don't forget to attach your photograph, scanned 300 dpi. Mail it to or post it to MetroPlus, The Hindu, 19 & 21, Bhagwan Mahaveer Road (Infantry Road), Bangalore 560 001.




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