Chatline Naveen Mandava and Varun Kumar talk to ZEENAB ANEEZ about education, information and what running a start-up has in common with commando training.

It seems odd to meet the founders of BGM Policy Innovations (PI), Naveen Mandava and Varun Kumar in a coffee shop in Banjara Hills, away from their office in Secunderabad and listen to them ‘talk’ about their work. Given their way, a typical interview would mean accompanying the two on a trip to a school or two and observing their tools at work. Whether in the nitty-gritty details of running a company or the larger questions related to the work they do in the field of education — the duo is all about primary information and learning from experience.

When Varun Kumar, grew curious about the state of education and health across the country he didn’t turn just to literature or newspapers. Instead, he got on a motorbike and travelled across 16 states to see for himself what was happening.

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