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New hangout The newly opened Twenty 20 restaurant at Padma cinema building
New hangout The newly opened Twenty 20 restaurant at Padma cinema building

The new eating place, Café Twenty 20 at Padma cinema is open to the public, not only cinegoers

When a film star does something, it has got to be filmi ishtyle, at least the name (for purposes of brand recall!), and therefore there is Café Twenty 20 at Padma cinema. Bet you know whose it is! For those of you who haven’t yet got the plot, it is CID Moosa…oops Dileep!

Why CID Moosa came up is because of the upper portion of the café which is done up ranch style and there are a couple of strategically placed cowboy hats, pistols (faux antiques?) and ropes/lassoes. There are even prints of photographs of ‘actual’ cowboys. An ode to the ‘Wild West’, maybe. That is the more private corner of the eatery. It is something of a fast-food-meets-slow food kind of joint. The lower portion is young, with bright chairs, bright lights, the staff too is bright and cheerful.

Open to all

Can we go there? Since it is Padma theatre, “is it exclusively for those who watch films there?” No, it turns out. We drive into the theatre, and there is hardly any parking space. “There is basement parking,” assures Brian Dias, manager of the restaurant. But if it is one of those films which is houseful then you might have a problem on your hands. But such a film is a rarity…that is another story altogether.

Café Twenty 20 is around a month old, in its infancy, and therefore there are the minor glitches in the menu as the team is in the process of finalising the menu. It is more like a food court situation. There are the usual suspects – cutlet, sandwich, parotta/chicken or beef combo, appam/chicken combo etc and oh yes! banana fries (methinks ‘pazham pori’). But there is north Indian fare too.

The management assures that this is the ‘launch menu’ and that they are fine tuning the menu which will be “different” and will be made more extensive to include pizzas and several ice creams too.

It is teatime, and it was hot. No “vadas”, because “these are available everywhere” but then so are cutlets, spring rolls and sandwiches. So we settle for chicken sandwiches and spring rolls and badam milk. The food arrives, the sandwiches are fresh and ‘generously endowed’ as in not skimpy scraps of fillings but full ‘filled’ and very filling too. Same goes for the spring rolls too, can’t go wrong with that (the chef and us too), tasty. Hunger pangs satiated, the drink washes down the eats. Badam milk…there is a strong aftertaste, is it essence?

The joint targets not just the film goer but folks on the lookout for a meal or a snack on MG Road.

If you are heading to Padma for the evening show, you can have your snacks or maybe dinner after you are done watching the movie. Similarly if heading for a night show, then too. On the whole it is definitely convenient.

The food is reasonably priced, the ambience good.

It is something of a fast-food-meets-slow food kind of joint





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