Public meetings

Prior to 1947, the beach opposite the Town Hall was the only venue for hosting public meetings. Many nationalist heroes like Subhas Chandra Bose, Bipin Chandra Pal, Tenneti Viswanadham and Raja Gopalachari addressed the people over there. People from neighbouring places like Vizianagarama and Anakapalle would come in large numbers to hear them.

The beach no longer exists and has been occupied by the Fishing Harbour and the Container Terminal.

Air raid siren Till late the 1980s there existed an innocuous looking object on the roof of the main branch of State Bank of India, which was located opposite the Queen Victoria’s statue in the Old Town area. It looked like a big drum.

It was nothing but an air raid siren machine and was erected during the World War II period. Till the early part of 1970s the civil authorities would once in a while blow the siren, which was manually operated, to test its effectiveness.