Some dos and don'ts

Lazy holidays can be quite dreadful. Especially, if you're the sort of person who races the milkman home on Sunday mornings, after a wild night of partying. This is for serious clubbers...1) Don't even think of leaving your hometown barstool without first doing some research. Find out about the most happening nightclubs, biggest parties and hottest DJs. 2) Join clubbing forums, check online notice boards and make friends online at least a month before you leave. Travel communities on the Internet are great places to get travel tips and practical advice. You might even make new friends who will offer to show you around. 3) Make sure you go during the season, which is when all of the bars and restaurants are open. Otherwise you might find yourself in a lifeless town. However, do be prepared for large crowds, high prices, traffic jams and slow-moving queues.4) Location is everything. So find a good hotel, one that's close to the action without actually being in the middle of it. Otherwise you'll have to endure thumping music seeping through your windows even long after you've called it a night.5) Just because you're on a holiday, don't dress like a slob. Check the dress codes if you're going to a very tony club.