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I plan to buy a Ritz VXi, but Maruti is not offering any discount. Will the company offer one soon?

Deepak Joshi

The Ritz VXi, which uses the petrol engine, is a popular car, and much in demand. Hence, there is no reason for the company to give discounts, especially if there is a wait list in some parts of the country.

What is a Teflon coating and can one apply it immediately after buying a new car? I want powerful headlamps for my next car, perhaps, a Swift Dzire, as I cannot handle the glare from the high-beam headlights of oncoming vehicles at night. Which lamps should I buy and what are Xenons? Is white light better than yellow? Are there any products I can apply to the windscreen to avoid glare at night? Which sunfilm is good? Are tubeless tyres better than tubed ones, and are radials better than cross-ply tyres? And, lastly, what is the difference between AC and climate control?

Rajeev Agrawal

Phew. That's quite a battery of questions. Teflon coating is a protective coating. A new car does not need such a coating as it is already polished. Get the Teflon treatment done at an authorised workshop, even if it is a little expensive; some also give warranty. Higher wattage lamps are available. Ensure you buy ceramic bulb holders and a relay (cutout) and good quality wiring when you install these. The bulb in a Xenon lamp uses Xenon gas. These bulbs generally run much cooler than regular halogen lamps. But, stick to the regular lamps as most Xenons available in the market are not good, and some are very expensive. White light is not better than the regular light as it gets dispersed more easily; when there is oncoming traffic, your vision will not be as good as with the regular yellow lamps. Using Colin spray on the windscreen will help keep the glare out. Also keep the wipers in a good condition. Old and hard wipers will leave scratches on the windscreen, which results in glare at night. Garware, Llumar and Vkool are good sunfilm brands, available in various price ranges. Tubeless tyres are better than tube-type tyres because they run cooler, which is useful if you drive at high speeds regularly. Tubeless tyres are also more convenient; when there is a puncture, air doesn't escape immediately, and you can continue driving till you reach a repair shop. The construction of the stronger radial tyres is different from cross-ply tyres. AC is the regular air-conditioner found in most cars that allows you to control the temperature and fan speeds and other modes manually via knobs on the dashboard. Automatic climate control is computer controlled, and takes a reading via sensors in the cabin to control the temperature and humidity inside the car. All you have to do is set the temperature and the rest is done by the climate control.




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