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I am planning to buy an SUV and am not able to decide which one. My initial budget was Rs. 14 lakh but there are no good options available in this range. I am now looking at Honda CRV 2.0, Grand Vitara, Captiva and Tucson. Can you help me choose the best? Is the Hyundai Tucson being phased out in India? How is the worldwide performance of the Chevrolet Captiva? I travel on an average 50 km per day, including on bumpy roads.

Nikhil Thard

Sadly, there are still no options in the Rs. 14 lakh range. The Tucson is hardly sold in India. Besides, the resale value of a Tucson is very poor. Your best bet is the Ford Endeavour. It is closest to your budget (though it is more than Rs. 14 lakh) and is ideal for bumpy roads. The Captiva is a capable vehicle. It is more refined and user-friendly (to drive) than the Endeavour but it is significantly more expensive.

I am 28-year-old and planning to buy two cars, one for myself and the other for my wife. I am looking at a luxury sedan with good legroom, performance and looks. My budget is Rs. 10 to Rs. 14 lakh and for my wife, I prefer a luxury hatchback with good mileage, performance and safety features.

Aditya Kanodia

In the Rs. 10 to Rs. 14 lakh range, your best bet is the Honda Civic. Legroom is decent but the seat position is a bit low. However, there is nothing else in this price range that comes close to meeting your requirements. For your wife, there is a lot to choose from. You could consider the Fabia diesel, which is extremely safe and offers superb mileage and adequate performance. But it is slightly over-priced.

I want a diesel car. It will be self-driven. I travel around 70 km everyday. I will take the car on long drives once or twice a month (about 200 km). I am looking at a four-wheeler that offers value for money, comfort , is easy to handle and requires low maintenance. I have short-listed Skoda Fabia, Maruti Swift, Fiat Palio and Ford Fiesta. My budget is Rs. 8.5 lakh. Are there any other options I should look at?


The Fabia is the best of the lot because of its fine interiors, tough build and overall quality of materials. However, it’s too expensive and the engine is the noisiest. Of the three, Fiesta diesel has the most responsive engine, which is ideal for long commutes; it is a good highway car with generous boot space. The Fiesta is quite reliable as well. So our advice is go for the Ford.