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I want to upgrade from my Tata Indigo LS. I have a budget of Rs. 5 lakh - Rs.7 lakh. My monthly mileage is 1,500km and I want a family car which is high on style, comfort, class and gives good mileage too. Please advise.

Surmeet Inder Singh

We suggest you go in for the Fiat Linea 1.4 petrol as it is great looking, very comfortable and has a good ride quality. The mileage is also decent but it’s not the best in class. Do be prepared for slightly higher running costs than a smaller saloon. However, given the Linea’s appeal, we think it’s worth you making the stretch.

I own a five-year-old Hyundai Santro Xing and want to upgrade to a saloon within a budget of Rs. 8 lakh. I have shortlisted the Fiat Linea Emotion petrol and the Honda City S. My monthly usage is around 250-300km. The Linea’s economy of 9.4kpl isn’t as good as the City’s 10.5kpl. If I opt for the cheaper Linea, then the Rs. 1.2 lakh that I will save initially is enough to pay for the car’s fuel for the next six years. Is the low economy due to the extra revving needed to overcome the car’s sluggishness in first and second gear? As the Linea diesel costs around the same as the Honda City, should I also consider it? If I do opt for the City, can I fit alloys and bigger-diameter tyres onto it? What would be the appropriate size and which brand of tyres would be best?

Pushkar Trivedi

The Linea Petrol is considerably cheaper than the City. The reason you are finding the Linea sluggish in first and second gear is because the response at low revs in the Linea is not as good as it should be. However, if you find the lack of performance a problem, then go in for the City which is nicer to drive. The City has a better resale value. It’s a good idea to upgrade the City’s tyres if you go in for it. The most appropriate upgrade is 185/65R14 tyres tha offer superior handling and comfortable ride. You can go in for 195/60R14s as well if you want better grip and handling but that would compromise ride comfort.