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I am not happy with the power headlights on my 2012 Volkswagen Vento. Should I (or can I) replace them with higher efficiency bulbs without really fiddling with the factory-fitted electrical wires?

Paras Mehta

The Vento comes fitted with Osram 60/55W H4 headlights, so you can switch to 100/90W H4 from either Osram or Philips. But make sure you install a relay from a reputed brand like Bosch or PMP to avoid voltage drop and prevent electrical system overload at the same time. However, check on the legalities as higher wattage bulbs may not be allowed in certain states.

I own a 2013 Mahindra Thar DI sans the power steering. Can I convert my manual to a power steering. Is there a kit available? How much would it cost?

Sanjeev Biradar

Yes, the Thar DI can be retrofitted with a power steering but you will need to source a Bolero 4WD box (with XD3P engine) from either the Bolero or the older Armada Grand. A brand new Bolero 4WD power-steering box will set you back by around Rs. 21,000. You will also need to source a power-steering pump, reservoir, pump clamp, hoses and a two-slot pulley for the power-steering pump (three-slot if you’re planning to install an AC later). In all, including labour, the switch will set you back by around Rs. 25,000. To save some cash, you can try looking for a second-hand PS box in the used car parts market, which should cost between Rs. 12,000 and Rs. 15,000. But make sure you buy the Bolero 4WD components only