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Car and bike questions? We have the answers

Is there a car that provides some system to help with nausea, so that people who tend to get car sick can benefit?

Prasanta Badhai

Unfortunately, there’s no instrument or device that can control nausea whilst travelling in a car. You do get a few anti-sickness pills which do the trick. However, here are some tips to prevent feeling nauseous; maintain the right tyre pressures, look out of the window most of the time and set air-con to ‘fresh air’ mode. Rolling down the windows once in a while can also help reduce discomfort, although there is no certain combination that’ll work. Reading in the car is also not recommended. Also, keep a sickness bag handy for worst case scenarios.

I am planning to buy a saloon and have three options in my budget of Rs. 14 lakh-Rs.17 lakh — the Volkswagen Jetta TDI, Trendline, Skoda Octavia TDI Ambition and Skoda Laura TDI Ambition. I want nice features, good ride quality and a responsive gearbox.

Lakshay Beniwal

We would rule out the Laura as it’s now a generation old. The thing in the Laura’s favour is price. Between the Jetta and the new Octavia, the latter scores on two counts in your list of priorities. The Octavia is superbly equipped and has a responsive engine and gearbox. The Jetta has a very good ride quality and is well-priced as well. But going by your priorities we suggest you go for the Octavia.

I drive 2,000km a month, mostly on highways and the city’s potholed roads. I’m looking at either the Honda Amaze or the Skoda Rapid for myself. Should I opt for petrol or diesel?


For the distance you cover every month, it makes sense to go in for a diesel, more so since you are doing a lot of highway driving where the diesel’s mid-range punch is a handy overtaking tool. We feel you should go for the Rapid. It is feels solid, has a high level of safety and rides well over bad roads. Since you’re concerned about Skoda’s service, may be you can wait till January next for the new Honda City. This new City will be bigger than the Amaze and safer too.

I have a daily commute of 50km, and am looking for an SUV that costs not morethan Rs 12 lakh. I have zeroed in on EcoSport, Duster and Scorpio. Help me make a choice.

Siddharth Gupta

You can go in for the Duster because it’s great over bad roads, has a big cabin for five people and is easy to drive. It’s quite economical too. You could even consider the 85bhp version of the Duster, which is suitable to city driving. It’s cheaper than the 110bhp version and would fall comfortably within your budget. The only concern is Renault’s service network, which is still not fully developed.




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