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Car and bike questions? We have the answers

I am looking to buy a seven-seater premium SUV to replace my Toyota Fortuner. I am looking at the Mercedes-Benz GL 350. I was told to consider the Audi Q7 also. Can you tell me which vehicle has better third row seating comfort? And overall ride quality?


Yes, it is worth considering the Audi Q7 which, despite its age, is still a very competent vehicle. Neither car has a very plush ride. But for the third row seat comfort, you can consider the GL, which has good interior quality too.

Is there a car that provides some system to help with nausea, so that people who tend to get car sick can benefit?

Prasanta Badhai

Unfortunately, there’s no instrument or device that can control nausea while travelling in a car. You do get a few anti-sickness pills which do the trick. However, here are some tips to prevent feeling nauseous; maintain the right tyre pressures, look out of the window most of the time and set air-con to ‘fresh air’ mode. Rolling down the windows once in a while can also help reduce discomfort, although there is no certain combination that’ll work. Reading in the car is also not recommended. Also, keep a sickness bag handy for worst case scenarios.

I have been driving a Ford Fiesta for the last six years and have clocked 1,50,000km. I was waiting eagerly for the EcoSport but the waiting period is long. Which other SUVs would you suggest? I want a vehicle that costs not more Rs. 10 lakh. I was looking at the Safari Storme and XUV500. Since I will be doing a lot of off-roading, I want to buy a 4X4. I would like one that has lot of features.

Raghuvir Singh

Since you will be doing a lot of off-roading, the EcoSport is ruled out, as it’s only available in front-wheel drive. Both the Safari and XUV500 come with 4x4 options but these cost a lot more than Rs. 10 lakh. If your budget permits, go in for the XUV500, it has many features and is good value. It also drives well. The Safari is more of a hardcore off-roader.




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