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What would be a good engine oil to choose for my Hyundai Santro?


Castrol Magnatec 5W20 should suit the Santro well.

My wife and I currently drive a 2013 BMW 116i and have done about 15,000km on it. We’ve noticed that at low and parking speeds, the steering makes a creaking noise when turned. The BMW dealer here said it is normal and not a problem, but I am not convinced. Please help.

Ravi Krishnan

Creaking noises from steering column aren’t a good sign, but the first step would be to check basics like power steering fluid, ensure it is topped up to the marked level and there are no leaks. If there are any doubts, fill up fresh fluid and have the system bled to ensure there are no airlocks. If all is fine on that front, then there is some issue with the mechanism itself. It can be something as minor as the alternator pulley or as major as the power steering pump and in rare cases, even the entire steering rack may have to be replaced. The sound is definitely not normal and your service centre should troubleshoot this starting from minor to major parts. Since your car is brand new, it is likely that there is some sort of a manufacturing defect and hence the required parts will be replaced under warranty. Be persistent about getting the job done under warranty.

I am looking to buy a diesel automatic saloon and am confused between a new Hyundai Verna diesel automatic and second hand Chevloret Cruze automatic diesel. Please help.


Though the Cruze is a good car, we would recommend you go for the Verna as it’s usually better to buy a brand new car even if it means a slight compromise on size. The Verna is well-equipped though and you get all the features and a little more than you would find in a Cruze. The Cruze has a stronger engine but the Verna too has adequate power and is a smooth and easy car to drive.