Car and bike questions?We have the answers

I want to buy the Renault Scala but am confused between the petrol and diesel versions. My monthly running is about 1,000km and I intend to keep the car for about six to seven years. I am definitely leaning towards the diesel but am worried about the noise, vibration levels and fuel efficiency of diesel-powered cars. Please help.

Kawaljit Singh Bhatia

If you plan to keep your car for six to seven years then it makes sense to go for the diesel Scala if you have homed in on the Renault saloon. You don’t need to worry about the diesel engine in the Scala. It is the tried and trusted Renault K9K engine which is smooth, efficient and sufficiently powerful. Also, the resale value of a diesel car is usually better.

My wife wants a value-for-money diesel car with reasonable fuel efficiency, low maintenance costs and a good driving position. Her monthly running will be 1,000km, mostly in the city. We intend to keep the car for seven years, and have zeroed in on the Maruti Ritz, Ford Figo and Chevrolet Beat. Which one do you suggest?

Ankur Mittal

You could go in for the Hyundai Grand i10. It will be priced in the same range as the Ford Figo and Chevrolet Beat. It is a contemporary, well-equipped and good value car. The higher-end version will have seat height adjustment, which will allow your wife to find a comfortable seating position. Given her usage, it’s best to go for the petrol version of the Grand i10. There’s even an automatic version you can consider, which will make city driving less stressful.

I’m planning to buy my first car that costs not more than Rs. 5 lakh (on-road price). I’ll drive about 500km a month, mostly in the city with occasional long drives. The most important criterion for me would be fuel economy. Please guide.

Hari Prasad

For a first-time car buyer, we would advise a car that is easy to manoeuvre and has good visibility. Two cars come to mind; the Honda Brio and Nissan Micra Active. The Brio is our first choice as it is compact, has a great driving position and lots of all-around visibility. It’s nice and responsive too, which makes it good for punting around town. If the Brio falls above your budget then look at the Nissan Micra Active which is exceptional value for money and an easy car to drive, with a good turning circle and a responsive engine. However, take a long test drive before you decide.

I’m looking to buy a nice bike and have narrowed my options down to Honda CBR250R and KTM 200 Duke. I know that both bikes belong to separate classes and there’s a huge price gap between the two. I’m over 6 feet tall and am looking for the bike that suits my needs better. I want an all-rounder which will be hassle-free to maintain. Also, keep in my mind that there’s only one KTM showroom in my city and is quite far from where I live.

Jagadish Prabakaran

The KTM 200 Duke is a good bike for daily use on Chennai roads. The Honda CBR250R is a sportsbike that can be a little cumbersome to manage in city traffic.