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Car and bike questions? We have the answers

I want a good-looking, luxurious car that I will drive myself. Which is better — the BMQ X6 or the Range Rover Evoque?

Aaraadhya Srivastava

The X6 offers great performance while Evoque has the appeal with rich interiors. The Evoque with its small 2.2-litre engine may not be good value for money, but it’s a cheaper than the X6.

I’m based in Noida and planning to buy two sports cars. Between the Aston Martin and Maserati, which should I buy? Also between the Mercedes SLK 350 and BMW Z4 which would be a better bet?

Alok Arya

There are various models of Aston Martin and Maserati so it really depends on your budget and what you are looking for. However, if you enjoy driving and want a true sports car experience, we would recommend the Maserati GranTurismo MS Stradale. It looks fantastic and is brilliant to drive. A word of caution though — The Maserati importers in India have a bad reputation for sales and service and the voice of dissatisfaction is growing louder. The Aston dealer in the NCR region on the other hand is known to be more customer- friendly. So if you want to play safe, go in for the Aston V8 Vantage which has loads of character and is quite practical too. Between the SLK 350 and Z4, again it’s a choice of practicality over the driving experience. The Mercedes with its hard top roof is more user-friendly and has a softer ride too but the Z4 is far more exciting to drive. If we had to pick, it would be the Z4 for us.

I drive the Mercedes C 220CDI. I want to change to an SUV. Should I go for the M class or settle for Fortuner?


It really is a question of heart versus head. The Fortuner will certainly be much cheaper in the long run. However, the new M-class is brilliant. If your usage is not over very rough roads, go for the Merc.

I want to buy two automatic transmission cars by next week. One will be a small or mid-size sedan and the other would be either a Skoda Superb or Hyundai Sonata. Could you kindly suggest what would be the best bet for city driving in the small and mid-size segment as well as between the Superb and the Sonata?

Vikram P

In the mid-size segment you could consider the Ford Fiesta automatic which is quite an underrated car but it is the nicest automatic in its class. The 6-speed twin clutch gearbox is responsive and it is fuel efficient too. Between the Superb and Sonata, we would suggest you go in for the Superb which is better built, more luxurious and nicer drive.




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