Car and bike questions? We have the answers

I recently noticed that some oil had collected below my car’s front bumper on the driver’s side. I took the car to the dealership to get it inspected, and according to them, the spill may just have been water from the air-conditioner. I haven’t seen a leakage since. What could have caused this? The spillage on my driveway clearly shows that oil has drained out from somewhere.

Anuj Garg

It is not unusual for the air-conditioner drain pipe, which is situated on the floorpan, to release water when the air-con is switched on, and the flow of water depends on the humidity or weather conditions prevailing at that time. If the leakage is oil-based, then the stain will remain and not evaporate. If it is definitely oil, the car needs to be thoroughly inspected by the dealer, as a loose drain plug from the oil sump or any other oil leak can lead to engine damage.

I own a Ford Ikon and want to upgrade to a saloon within a budget of Rs. 8-12 lakh. I would prefer a petrol car, but am open to diesel too. I don’t travel much and plan to use the car for about eight years, so resale value is not really a problem.


If you plan to keep your car for eight years, its best to choose one that’ll be reliable in the long run. We would recommend the Honda City, as it is a proven car and, like most Hondas, will work largely trouble-free for years. It is also quite economical for a petrol car and would be a logical upgrade from your Ikon.

I am planning to buy my first car this month. I want a petrol hatch that does not cost more than Rs. 5 lakh. It’ll mainly be used in the city for my office commute. I’m looking for an easy-to-drive and comfortable car, with decent performance, low maintenance costs and good fuel economy. I have shortlisted the Hyundai i10 Magna 1.2 and the Honda Brio E. I am leaning towards the Brio but am a bit worried about Honda’s after-sales service. Which car would better suit my requirements?

Abhik Chatterjee

The Brio will suit your requirements because it is easy to drive, offers good performance and decent fuel economy as well. Also, the Brio’s ride and handling is good especially on bad roads. We don’t think Honda’s after-sales service is something to worry about. The Brio, like most Hondas, is reliable and hence should be low on maintenance. Also, the dealer network, though not as widespread as Hyundai’s, is pretty good.