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I want an easy-to-maintain car that is in the Rs 4.3 lakh to Rs. 5.5 lakh price range. It should offer good mileage and last long. I have zeroed in on the Chevrolet Beat petrol or the Honda Brio petrol. I intend to fix a CNG kit to the car. I also want to know how good are CNG kits, and are they durable post 1,00,000km? Or, is the Beat diesel a good choice? I previously owned a Maruti Ritz and a Swift diesel, both of which have lasted me well.

Shikhar Gupta

A diesel-powered car is more practical than a CNG option because of the widespread availability of the fuel and its long-term durability. Since CNG is a dry fuel, it lacks the lubricating properties of a liquid fuel and wear on certain parts tends to be higher.

You could consider the Beat diesel. It is a highly fuel-efficient vehicle thanks to its compact 1.0-litre, three-cylinder diesel engine. In terms of durability, we don’t think you should face any long-term problems because this engine is derived from the same 1.3 Multijet diesel that powers the Swift and Ritz that you have used in the past. However, you should adhere to the car’s maintenance schedule, which is very important for a diesel motor and you should also try and use good quality diesel.

I plan to buy a diesel hatch in the Rs. 6 lakh to Rs. 7 lakh price range. My priorities are fuel efficiency and low maintenance costs. My monthly running is 250km.


Marutis are the best when it comes to overall cost of maintenance and they are quite fuel efficient too. We suggest you look at the Swift petrol, which will serve you well and fits the price range mentioned by you. It is a reliable and fun-to-drive. Since you are only driving 250km a month, it’s best not to buy a diesel and instead go for the petrol Swift.